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Media Protocols

Creating media releases: Where an event is planned, the host agency generates the relevant media release (or appoints another Kent Connects partner to generate the media release if more appropriate).

Approvals: The host agency is responsible for obtaining sign off via a) their own organisation’s internal sign off process; b) Kent Connects appointed contact (e.g. Carol Patrick) and, c) where relevant, other organisations directly involved in delivering an event.
Other Kent Connects partners: Any media release, once approved as outlined above, will be circulated to other partners for information and use (but not comment) prior to distribution.

Distribution: The host agency is responsible for managing distribution of any media release that it creates, once it has received the relevant approvals and has circulated the release to other partners for information. The Partnership Office will retain a copy of all media releases for reference.

Branding: Any Digital.together media release will be branded with the Kent Connects logo and Digital.together logo, and reference made to and

Notes to Editor: Standardised information to editor to be agreed and signed off by the Partnership Office and used consistently across information to media.

Enquiries: Enquiries following the distribution of the media release should be directed by the host agency to the relevant partners.

Social Media

Twitter – can be used to promote events and general updating. All output via Twitter should be via the relevant address using the hashtag #DT2015 or mention the account @digi_together

Blog – The Partnership Office should be notified of blogs where topics relate to digital.together, Transformed by You or Kent Connects. Blogs can be attached to the relevant portal/website.

Websites/portals – The T&C’s are published on each site

Flickr/You Tube and other social media sites – Relevant use is encouraged but the Partnership Office should be made aware to maximise publicity opportunities. All photos and videos of Kent Connects / digital.together events of which Kent Connects has had a role in organising or supporting should be made available to the Partnership Office so that they may be placed on the Kent Connects channels.

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