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One day, not too soon — but still sooner than you think — the smartphone will all but vanish, the way beepers and fax machines did before it. Make no mistake: We’re still probably at least a decade away from any kind of meaningful shift away from the smartphone. (And if we’re all cyborgs by…

Your company is likely to face an extinction event in the next 10 years. And while you may see it coming, you may not have enough time to save your company.

What does this mean? and how does this apply to local government? Recently I paused again, whilst listening to the Romanian top 40 dance tracks, to consider the activities happening around me in local government and how ‘digital’ initiatives are playing out. Influenced by many reports of public sector outsourcing and insourcing activities, copycat digital…

Digitom wins Microbusiness of the Year for South East England FSB & Worldpay UK Small Business Awards 2017

The FSB & Worldpay UK Small Business Awards 2017’s micro business category celebrates small businesses with fewer than 10 employees which are routinely “punching above their weight”.

Vision for the next 15 years, looking back at where we’ve come from, and the areas of technology, training & business support and partnership working that I think are essential to our county’s growth.

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